Project Introduction

Skygard Arena is a tactical RPG with a roster of Champions embodied by different Personas and a unique combat system centered around capturing objectives. Build your own team with deep customization options, lead your Champions in turn-based battles and land game-winning combos!

Each player controls a squad of 3 Champions and faces off in PvP turn-based battles lasting around 15 minutes. Players will also be able to play against AI, and they will discover the world of Skygard in a dedicated solo PvE campaign at launch.

Join the Beta from June 10th to June 30th on Steam!

About Developer

Gemelli Games is an indie game development studio founded in 2022 and based in Paris.

We are on a mission to build multiplayer live service strategy games that are easy to access, satisfying to master and playable forever with your friends!

We have a community-centric development process: we involve our players very early through regular playtests and we iterate based on qualitative feedback and data analytics.