Content Warnings

This game is meant to reflect the lives of young adults, containing dark humor, crude language and cursing, references and imagery of alcohol and insinuated drug use. No explicit violence. Game may contain content not appropriate for all ages.

Project Introduction

Skogdal is a roguelike deckbuilder at heart, inspired by modern classics of the genre, but we have also taken inspiration from more old-school strategy card games. We are introducing our own twists to the gameplay, such as the follower cards: follower characters you can play out during a fight. These characters gives you passive benefits, or they might have activated abilities you can use at various costs. The followers will often form the foundation of your build and card combos. In addition, cards you draw are persistent between turns, which is not typical in roguelike deckbuilders, allowing you to plan your turns and build a combo in your hand.

The world and map of Skogdal is hand-crafted, and not procedurally generated, while cards you draft and some encounters are randomized between runs. This let's us have a bigger emphasis on exploration and adventure game elements. Things you do or unlock in one location, might affect another in future runs. The more you play, the more the world will open up, with new locations and paths to visit. To complete the whole game, you will have to defeat all the different end location bosses.

Skogdal is set in a rustic Norwegian town during the 90's. People in this town have gone crazy, and you need to uncover the mystery behind it. World building and crafting interesting locations and characters is our main focus in terms of setting and story, while the narrative is more to create a context. Our world and narrative is inspired by late 80's - 90's sci-fi, Carpenter-esque, expect something alien-weird to maybe appear :)

Setting a card game to this time period also gives us an unique angle in how we make our cards, in terms of flavours and mechanics. It's fun way for us to make new ideas for characters and cards, how will a card that is a 90's "science magazine" work? How about a car battery, different pizza slices, a matchstick, baseball bat, etc.

About Developer

We are two Norwegian brothers: Erlend (game developer) and Kay Arne (visual artist) who have a passion for video games. We finally decided to make a game together, which is Skogdal. Skogdal is heavily inspired by our upbringing in a small Norwegian town during the 90's, and we are using this game to reference, make fun of and honour this time period and it's culture. We both love card games, and felt this was a type of game that could work well with how we both work.