Project Introduction

Awake in your childhood as you take on the role of a miniature skateboarder navigating through rooms filled with handcrafted tracks made of cardboard and toys. In this fast-paced racing game, you must use gravity and the environment to accelerate and master momentum-based controls to achieve breathtaking speeds. The unique controls allow for free movement through the levels, encouraging exploration and dexterity.

Each track is designed to test not only your skill but also your cleverness, as you find your own path to the goal. Discover sneaky shortcuts or take leisurely detours - every course offers multiple routes. Challenge yourself to beat records and unlock new levels, or compete with friends and players around the world on online leaderboards. This game dares to introduce players to the thrill of speedrunning, making it accessible and exciting not only for dedicated players.

About Developer

We are a team of 2, met in college and united by our fascination for game development.
I'm the game director and my partner is the audio and art director.
Last year I made my dream come true and started going full time indie.