Content Warnings

I think besides the die animation which involves bones and some red debris there is nothing upsetting in the game.

Project Introduction

It's a precision platformer similar to Celeste with guns. You collect guns and ammunition. Like in a first-person shooter, you can switch your weapons, in our case between a primary and a secondary weapon. Keep an eye on how much ammunition your current gun has loaded and switch if you run out of ammunition. The gun is also used to dash, without ammo no dash, as long you have ammo you can dash (the character shoots backward). The dash mechanics can be used to bridge a bigger gap as well to pass by an enemy and then dash and shoot backward and kill the enemy. Of course also in the air.
If you do some spectacular or fast action the character says some cool lines (those lines are not final and more a showcase of what is possible). We also plan to give steam achievements for those cool fast-paced actions.
The game plot is a simple safe-the-world story, where the player is a secret agent who has to hunt down Dr. Hibble and his crew to save the world from a doomsday event. The story starts in the underground of an abandoned factory. On the way up the player starts to learn about Dr. Hibble and his plans. In the first set of rooms, he realizes that those workers are all armed and deadly and that the first boss is an evil machine.
The plan is to tell the story in-game with little to no cutscenes or at least you can always shortcut the cutscene by just shooting at the speaking person/boss.

About Developer

My name is Christian, I am a 53-year-old with 24 years of experience in the software industry, I've always had a passion for both programming and drawing. My journey into game development began 40 years ago when I wrote my first game, a Snake variant, on a ZX81 with a 4 KB RAM extension. 9 years ago I reignited this passion as a hobby.

Working together as a father-son duo, my son and I have been dedicated to our latest game title for the past 2 years. This collaboration has not only allowed us to blend our shared interests but also served as an opportunity for my son to gain valuable experience while he was searching for an apprenticeship. To provide him with a solid foundation for his CV, I established Liesch's Artificials, a game development studio based in Switzerland, 2 years ago.
We're fortunate to have the support of several volunteers and fans who assist us in testing the game.

We've had the privilege of showcasing our game at various exhibitions in Switzerland, including two appearances at the Herofest in Bern and one at the Game Con in Zurich.