Project Introduction

Sir Galgano is a side-scrolling medieval beat 'em up game with RPG elements.
The main idea is to real fights in a medieval time, an italian medieval time! Discovering all-Italian legends.
The combat system is based on dynamic battle: timing's dodge/parry/attack is essential to win the duel and not die, related to systematic stamina consumption depending on actions taken by the player. This leads strategy, tension and knowing that it could not undertaking action pushing frenetically attack/parry buttons. The combat sequences and combo system are also related to timing, so pushing over and over the attack button isn't enough. In addition, the many animation sequences manage space make it fight more smoother and engaging.
The enemy's artificial intelligence is characterized by fighting techniques from HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) with dodges, parry, feint handling the distance of the opponent and the surrounding area.

About Developer

La Fucina del Granducato (The Forge of the Grand Duchy) was born in 2019 from the idea of two old-time players. Our team is guided by the passion to “create games we’d love to play”.
Our goal is to create innovative games, independent and fun to play.
We get inspired by the games of the past and try to reimagine their style in a contemporary perspective, especially in terms of the simplicity of actions and controls that was so typical of the games of the 80s and 90s.
Our games are born out of the exchange of ideas, often quite different and sometimes completely opposite, and they belong to diverse categories – RPGs, action games, tactical games – transporting us in different times of history up until the Medieval times, between reality and imagination, history and legend.