Project Introduction

SINUS is an action-platformer RPG set in a cyberpunk universe. Explore different planets with every run, find new and playable crew members with their own backstories, traits and abilities. Capture any enemy you encounter and equip them to fight for you. Hack control panels to access powerful turrets and even put a twist on death. Find a multitude of items and upgradable weapons. Combine them with unique skills to create your build and match your play style.

HACK Control Panels to virtualize and control powerful turrets or regenerate from death.
HACK Enemies to equip and give them commands. Evolve them to stronger versions.
HACK Upgrade Stations to increase your weapon’s elemental power, strategy, or upgrades.
HACK Signal Centers to reveal new locations and progress.

Discover an endless supply of powerful and upgradable weapons, tailored to any playstyle. Items are procedurally generated making every playthrough unique. Create synergies between them to unlock your true potential.

Every run is a new story, as you can explore planets in any order. Conquer levels filled with enemies, traps and exploding barrels at every turn. Discover hidden secrets that offer helpful loot, or an entire new zone to explore.

Embark on a thrilling adventure and assemble your dream team with each playthrough. Choose a different character to kick off your journey, and scout out talented crew members with different traits and abilities. Every member of your crew is a playable character!

Use the console in your ship to unlock new items or permanent upgrades to boost your fighting chances in the next run.

Challenge your friends in an intense local multiplayer experience with Deathmatch and Teams game modes. All the hacking mechanics are here, including control panels, regeneration, and weapon upgrading, so you can bet there will be some competitive and clutch moments.

About Developer

We are an indie dev team of two high school best friends from Brasov, Romania.

With more than 13 years of programming experience, Tibi is developing all the necessary tools for us to build the game world, while also dipping his toes into game design.

George is handling art, music, game design and story. He has been writing and recording music for more than 16 years, and drawing pixel by pixel art for more than 8 years.

Sinus is Early Sun’s first project, and it’s been in the making for more than 7 years.