Content Warnings

Detailed text descriptions of a vampire sucking blood.

Project Introduction

Sink Your Teeth is a romance/horror visual novel about navigating the entangled feelings and lives of a self-hating vampire, a bratty woman, a righteous hunter and a doting mother figure.
It starts simply with the bratty woman insistently offering her blood to the dangerously sober vampire. From there each of their connections unfolds as their dysfunctional interdependencies deepen.
Can they thread their own selfish desires without unravelling someone else in the process?

The foundation is a standard visual novel, but with many more options to choose from as the character's head swims with different things to say or do in each moment. And struggles to decide what to pick.

About Developer

I am a nonbinary writer living in Ireland who has always had an interest in writing and games, and likes to blend the two in experimental ways with visual novels.
I've become very involved with the local Irish game development scene, travelling to events both here and mainland Europe to demo previous games at events like EGX in London and the RENDR Festival in Belfast.