Content Warnings


Project Introduction

Silence of the Siren is a turn-based strategy game where several different space-faring civilizations fight over control of a distant star system. Explore what’s left on the planets and secure resources to build mighty cities. Raise powerful armies and defeat your opponents on hex-based battlefields!

- Explore a rich sci-fi world and discover secrets of a lost civilization in a story-based campaign
- Play various skirmish maps
- Collect powerful artifacts, secure important resources, upgrade your bases and hire the strongest units
- Level-up your commanders and teach them various skills and special abilities used in battles or on the world map
- Take control over several different species and factions, each with 7 upgradable units
- Old-school strategy game with modern controls and intuitive UI

About Developer

Oxymoron Games is a studio founded by a small group of experienced Czech developers in 2017 to work on Project Hospital, which we self-funded and successfully released in 2018. The team has grown a bit since and after releasing more content for Project Hospital we moved on to develop Silence of the Siren.
Last year we visited quite a few conferences/event across Europe, from DevGAMM to Gamescom and EGX and have enjoyed meeting other devs, press and the larger community and returned with a lot of invaluable feedback.