Project Introduction

Cossacks are sitting by the fire and telling each other fables. Each such a fable is a set of combat encounters. Player controls squad of 3 characters - they assemble it from characters sitting by the fire - in turn-based battles on hexagonal randomly generated arenas. Story of such a fable is delivered via dialogues between encounters and during combat. Also player upgrade characters between encounters.

Turn-based combat is a heart and soul of the game. The main features are:

1. Cooperation between your characters: many of them have abilities combining which results in a greater effect. E.g. Plastun can use allies as a support to jump on higher tiles; One character can push enemy towards another character with Backstab passive ability, which activates additional attack.

2. Verticality plays major role in positioning and movement. Radius of ranged attacks increases with height difference. Pushing enemies from cliffs or against walls inflicts Bruises. Usually character cannot be attacked by enemies 2 tiles above or 2 tiles below, unless they have very long sticks.

3. Unique Health System which encourages using all of characters’ abilities. Rules are unusual but really simple: unit has several health cells; if all health cells are empty, unit dies; unit can apply Defence on health cells via different active and passive abilities; Defence can be applied only to Full health cells; in general, if unit receives damage they will lose Defence first; health cells become Bruised if unit receives collision or fall damage; Bruised health cells cannot hold Defence. Defence is easy to obtain and easy to lose, while losing health is almost irreversible.

There are plenty of enemies to fight with, including not only Ottomans and moskovits, but also various folklore creatures once inhabited Ukrainian Steppe.

About Developer

Originally Gard Interactive are two childhood friends who always wanted to make games. We are from the town of Yuzhnoukrainsk which is primarily known as a satellite town of South Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant. But it is also situated alongside Buzkiy Gard National Nature Park named after Gard - Cossacks’ outpost which was a centre of Bogogard Palanca. Hence our name - Gard Interactive.
Funnily enough, due to decommunization law, there is a great chance that Yuzhnoukrainsk will be renamed to Gard soon.
For Sich Tactics we’ve also involved a Narrative Designer.