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Project Introduction

You play as a slime living in dungeons, its main ability to capture the bodies of heroes that fell in battle with monsters. You have an inventory field in which you place various items bought from the dungeon merchant, be it bags or food or various weapons and pets. You can customize these items by combining them with other items and sticking to recipes. There are several modes in the game, namely: Ranked game, normal game, PVP.

Normal game: Choosing a hero and a starting backpack you get to the stage of buying items, preparing for the first battle, buying the necessary items you go into battle against another player, the battle takes place automatically. Win or lose you go again to the stage of purchase, over time you can improve the items of merchants increasing their rarity. And back into battle. Buy items - fight, so up to 5 deaths or 25 victories. Periodically you will choose 1 of 3 talents depending on the hero you have chosen With each new talent his level increases.

Ranked game: the same as the regular game only at the end of the game you will get shards for which you can buy unopened recipes, starting backpacks, etc. As a result of the game you will get experience points thanks to which you increase your level and position in the leaderboard.

Pvp: a mode based on the regular game only you invite your friend or a random player to the group, and in real time buy items and fight against your opponent.

The essence of the game is in the composition of buying items and backpacks, creating more powerful and versatile tactics through a variety of items, talents, recipes with their own features and characteristics.

About Developer

We are a small indie studio from Ukraine, our employees are scattered all over the cities of our country, but we are all united by our love for Igors development.