Project Introduction

The game consists of chapters, each with unique gameplay and concept. In each session you need to dodge enemies and collect experience. Carefully select random weapons and items. You can knock out items from champions that will forever end up in your backpack, and you can equip them. In each session you will adapt to the current situation in order to win. Before starting the session, you need to choose a stable weapon. Stable weapons can be improved and orbs can be inlaid into them, which can even change the weapon’s attacks or add new ones. The game also has character leveling. There are currently 8 character classes in the game, each with unique upgrade paths and play styles. Each character has its own unique improvement tree. You can also improve all your characters by training your mind with a trainer. And from the shaman take temporary, but very strong buffs for spirit (local alcohol). And that's not all.

About Developer

We are a team from different cities of Ukraine. 2 programmers are constantly working on this game. The rest are busy with our other projects, which can be found on Steam. I made the first prototype of the game on February 15, 2022. And my team broke up because of the war. I was actually left alone. And I had to assemble a new team. Released in early access without electricity on January 16, 2023. I even went to another city for this because I didn’t have electricity.
All our team members are Ukrainians. We are proud of it.