Project Introduction

Designed as an adventurous party game for 1-4 Players, Set Sail! contains a collection of short, action packed, time based missions, a range of interactions and simple but satisfying combat. Players can pick up any item, from shovels to barrels, even enemies and their friends! These can all be thrown, but also used as a weapon. If you haven't got something in hand, you can use your trusty cutlass to cut down the British forces in your way.

Some missions are Crew islands, taking place in one area and requiring players to work together to complete an objective, such as Careening found in our demo. Use a compass to find dig spots, spam A with a shovel to dig up items, and use them to clean dirty ships for gold!

Adventure islands are more dynamic, taking players through a series of areas. The Prison Break requires Players to carry Kegbert, (our mascot man in a barrel) through each room whilst fighting off British and throwing each other across gangways. The Bank Heist sees you fill a cart with chests and work together to push it through a British town. This level also features the Hand Cannon, one of our games Power Weapons.

All of these are connected by the Overworld, in which every player has shared control of a single ship and must avoid the temptation to troll each other and sail to their next mission. Each mission has 3 stages of completion, earned by collecting coins throughout, for replayability and to test your teamwork.

Although the story is loose, the overarching narrative is of Kegbert teaching you and your crew of friends how to become pirate legends!

About Developer

We are a team of University graduates from the University of South Wales in Cardiff, and formed our studio when we graduated. As a team of 6 (with some contractors to help alongside) we all have to wear many hats, each taking on various roles from game development, art, UI, bizdev and administation. We are a proud Welsh studio and hope to be at the head of the upcoming industry in Wales. We have gone through several UK accelerator programmes, including Tranzuser, DunDev and the Tentacle Zone, as well as received the UK Games Fund Prototype Fund.

We aim to be a self sustaining studio, and although we are always open to working with publishers and raising finance, we strive to be a self published and organically growing studio, focusing on releasing great games and building a community.