Content Warnings

None that I'm aware of.

Project Introduction

Dive into a nonlinear exploration adventure filled with dark and corrupted replicants, alternate gravity, an ancient spaceship, a deserted fishing boat, secret tribes, and more. Guide a lone replicant through the shadows and unveil the secrets of this cryptic world.

》Dive into combat
》Defeat bosses
》Revive abandoned machinery and use it as a transportation to interconnect the world
》Upgrade your abilities and come back stronger

Discover the lore of a ruined and dystopian world, simply by observing the environments, the colors and body language.

REMEMBER. SELINI will not take you by the hand on each step.
It will let you interpret its world and set exploration plans on your own.

About Developer

Cymban is a small and independent videogames studio based in Greece, bringing dream projects into life.

My son was 5 years old when he asked me a life changing question. "Why do we have to play all these other videogames and not create our own?" Since that day I find myself on a creative adventure to a concept that initially seemed impossible.

Even though I voluntarily downgraded significantly my life quality by quitting my job as a photographer, going ALL-IN for SELINI always feels like home for me.

SELINI has been in my life a journey of wild dreams, knowledge, real life mistakes, self-growth and sacrifices in the direction of great achievement that comes with a little bit of soul.