Project Introduction

Seer’s is a single player, strategic auto-battler inspired by TFT. With an overworld to explore for meta-progression.

We're aiming to create a great, single player, strategic auto-battler experience, which can be easily picked up and put down to fit a busy schedule. A game that offers depth enough to play for 1000s of hours but can be enjoyed in bite-sized sessions without the pressure of multiplayer.

We're also looking to add a rich, explorable overworld, providing players with a sense of adventure and an immersive experience beyond just battling. The overworld will simultaneously act as a meta-progression system and a pull for players to play just one more round.

Seer's Gambit has 2 main gameplay loops. The Adventure phase and the Exploration phase.

The exploration phase happens on a world map. You have 7 “days” to optimize your team before the inevitable boss fight.
Every location you visit “costs” a “day”. This creates an interesting tension of choice as you can not visit all map locations in one run.
Do you go north to recruit the powerful mage character? Do you go east to pursue the chest of powerful gear? Or do you go south to take out an enemy lieutenant to remove a boss power from the final fight?

As you explore the map, new locations will be revealed. These discoveries will be permanent between runs. Each location can be upgraded to provide buffs to your team. These upgrades too are permanent.

In the exploration phase we’re aiming to strike a fun balance between the joy of knowing the game and being able to utilize that to optimize towards victory (If I go to the cursed forest, I can recruit the powerful witch that synergizes amazingly with the possessed thief…) and the excitement and pull of discovering something new (what powerful allies or treasures are hidden behind the fog of war to the west?).

Once a location has been picked you enter the Adventure phase. Your team moves through unique areas, fighting monsters, encountering events, or meeting merchants. Loot gear, purchase goods, receive fates and recruit new heroes all while fighting increasingly harder battles.

Combat is automatic although each hero has an ultimate ability that the player can activate. If used wisely they can turn the tide of battle.

Ultimate abilities can be anything from an AOE stun to a team heal and using these tactically when they have the most effect is going to be key to playing optimally.

We emphasize tactical here as we’re not looking to create twitch-based combat. To optimize means strategically planning when you use the ultimate ability, not clicking as fast as you can.

About Developer

We're a 2 person, husband and wife team working on our second commercial game. Between the 2 of us we have over 15 years experience in the games industry, working at companies like Dice, Paradox, Blizzard Entertainment as well as a number of smaller industry players.

We're both based in Sweden, Mattias is Swedish, while Sigrid is originally from Denmark.

Sigrid is also part of the group that organizes the weekly #TurnBasedThursday thread on Twitter (as well as having arranged Steam Festivals as part of the group).