Content Warnings

There are elements of Lovecraftian horror, and mentions of seaweed ale.

Project Introduction

Sea Of Rifts is a naval roguelike RPG with a focus on procedural storytelling set in a quirky dark fantasy world inspired by the age when sailing ships were clad in iron.

Reality has been torn apart and other dimensions are bleeding through. Venture into these rifts to seek fortune and fame and see if you can reach the epicentre where it all started but beware; The Sea Of Rifts leaves a mark on all those that dare enter it.

~ Tense Naval Combat ~

Inspired by the ironclad era, traverse the sea with both steam and sail. Make the ship your own with various armour plating, weapons, and auxiliary equipment to find the playstyle that reflects who you are as a captain. Engage in naval combat against other ships as well as the monstrosities that lurk beneath the waves.

~ Hire Crew, Earn Their Trust, Become A Family ~

Crew members are generated from many different traits that determine their capabilities and personality. Get to know them over time and do your best to manage the social interaction between them. Gain their trust to become a true crew that have each other’s backs but beware of Infighting. An unhappy crew is a sure way to have a mutiny on your hand.

~ Roguelike Meets Story Generator ~

Delve into the game’s systems to tell an emergent story of your crew’s journey. Experience great sorrow, dangers and triumphs as you explore the Sea Of Rifts and try to reach the horrors of The Tear, the place where the world broke apart.

About Developer

We are small crew of 6 people - 2½ fulltime and 3½ parttime - who all except one are situated in Denmark, Copenhagen.

Alexander Birke (Captain)
At the helm we have Alex who handles the overall direction for the game as well as coding and game design. Alex is the old sea dog of the team with more than 12 years of experience in the industry and has worked on a lot of different games such as PowerWash Simulator and What The Car.

Alex commenced working on Sea of Rifts roughly three years ago as a solo developer. Inspired by games like Sunless Sea, Rimworld, and FTL, Alex wanted to develop a game leaning into procedural generation and social simulation that creates emergent stories together with the player.

Time flies by, several prototypes were made, and Alex realizes through the receptions of feedback that Sea of Rifts holds potential to become something bigger. Thus, in Summer 2023 Alex assembles a crew of promising young developers and designers eager to learn and make Sea of Rifts the best game it can possibly be.

Fergus Doyle (Chronicler)
At the desk equipped with pen and paper we have our very own chronicler, Fergus. A Native English speaker based in Copenhagen. With a bachelor in Literature and Creative Writing from the University of Kent, Fergus understands the art of captivating an audience with words. When he is not engulfed in readings or sharing quirky historical anecdotes, Fergus works in Ink, the narrative scripting language used in the game.

Sofie Kjaer Schmidt (Cartographer)
Handling all the visuals for the game be it illustrations, 3D models or UI, we have Sofie. The second to join the project she has taken the rough prototype Alex initially created and turned it pretty to look at. With a Masters in Arts, Game and Media Design, Sofie got an eye for details and experience with design theory in practice. When she is not drawing, she likes to hit the dance floor and go on adventures in search of new land to see and dainty mushrooms to forage.

Camilla Angelbo Hansen (Sonar Officer)
Coming from a background in making sound for TV and cinema Camilla is in charge of making the cannons go boom, the sea monsters gnarl, and the wind howl in the sails.
In her spare time she likes to hang out with her cat and play video games and do volunteer work for the games audio community in Copenhagen.

Virginia Leo (Shanty Composer)
In charge of the musical instruments onboard we have Gin. An experienced composer situated in the U.S. who holds a First Class Honours degree in Sound for Games and has worked on notable titles like "The Baby In Yellow". Gin is well versed in the art of producing compositions that set emotions in motion. Whether you are in a tense combat situation or calmly exploring unknown seas, Gin makes sure to accompany you with enchanting tunes that fit the setting.

Pedro Rainha (Marine Technician)
While he is the most recent additions to the team, Pedro is no inexperienced deck cadet. Since he moved to Copenhagen 2 years ago Pedro has not rested a single second before taking actively part in the Danish game industry and support the community as an organizer for Nordic Game Jam. With a Master's degree in Game Design and Development at ITU Copenhagen, Pedro brings a toolbox to the deck that ensures that the project stays afloat and the journey is rich with content to explore.