Content Warnings


Project Introduction

In School of Magic you find yourself teleported to a weird place. You realise that you do no longer look like yourself and a mirror of yourself is waving at you. You have so many questions but way to soon you get teleported to a dungeon which is supposed to be your exam. Every run generates a unique skill tree for you and it works like this.

First level up
You get 3 random cards
Then you select one of them as your base attack

All other level ups
From the remaining cards one at random is removed.
All other get a level (get stronger)
And 3 new Random cards are added.

This system gives you a unique combination of skills each run and you really need to strategize what to pick. The spells you pick you can imagine as the spells in a hack and slash (both active and passive). The rest of the game is a top down hack and slay game with exploration. The combat is on the easier side so you will not need good dexterity.

You will also find some npcs which will give you interesting descicion similar to other roguelikes (Slay the Spire, FTL...)

About Developer

I am a solo developer in part time since 2015. In School of Magic I also have external people who help me with music and sfx. I am also working for Gentle Troll a Indie Studio in Würzburg Germany to earn money. In addition to that I am the organisor of the Indie Outpost Würzburg and did help out from time to time with the franken game jam.