Content Warnings

Weird and potentially gross creatures and environment elements, allusions to violence, sharp sounds

Project Introduction

This is an atmospheric walking simulator, where you blink to reveal hidden and change reality around you.

You have been ushered to come to the cursed house by a letter from an old friend - a known occult researcher S. Montgomery Flint. But all you find is abandoned rooms and strange creatures.

Explore thoroughly, reading everything and absorbing clues from the environment. Find the True Name of the Entity that has this house in shackles of its Curse. And remember - do not trust your eyes.

About Developer

We are 4 people, united by Gamedev Camp (Lithuanian-Ukrainian incubator for new gamedevs) to create our first project together.

Our team consists of:

Dmytro Dankovskyi -
Laura Jurkaityte -
Matvii Prokopenko -
Sadan Vague -

You can find our presentation of the game here