Content Warnings

People are often very upset when they find out there is NO AI stuff and NO randomly boughts prefabs in our game ;)

Project Introduction

This game is a project of heart. It is all handdrawn and has a very unique gameplay. You can copy and paste textures to change the gameworld.

Deep Story:
The game is all handdrawn and has a deep storyline with about 60.000 words, thats half of Tolkiens "The Hobbit".

It`s an action adventure like Zelda with the funky vibes of Crash Bandicoot and the riddles and humor of Monkey Island. Most people call it funky and have nostalgic feelings for the PSX and N64 era, yet it is a very modern game due to its unique gameplay.

Why is it good?
It´s a handmade game about courage, friendship, imagination and cleverness. It avoids uneccessary stuff like violence, grinding, repetive quests etc.

About Developer

It`s our first game and our team formed over the years. Most of us have a background in fine arts.
Perhaps the best way to portrait us is to tell why the game is handdrawn:
When we started we were very bad at 3D modelling, so we started to draw every character instead of modelling them. Later we learned sculpting and animating 3D, but we kept the handdrawn style.