Project Introduction

This 2D fast-paced twin-stick shooter tests your multitasking aptitude!

Shoot with two guns at the same time using your analog sticks. Make sure to hit each target with the appropriate gun, and finish each level as fast as possible to get the best score!

Play more than 20 levels to taste some mechanics we will be laying down in the final game!

The current graphics have the bare minimum to make the gameplay work. In the final product, expect a classic arcade-like story, with cute characters and a completely different art direction (and sound, of course).

The game will support a leaderboard. Until then, let us know if you get scores you are particularly proud of!

Any feedback is more than welcome. We are sure you will have a great time!

(Controller required!)

- You can instantly restart any level by pressing Triangle/Y.
- You can skip through levels during any level intro by pressing the Square/X and Circle/B buttons.

About Developer

We are Fritto Misto Games, a fresh indie team based in Sardinia (Italy).
We love making 2D experimental games. We started by trying to develop several prototypes with unconventional mechanics, and we are proud of what our last attempt is turning out to be!
As such, we are working to self-publish "Roses shoot Red, Violets shoot Blue" in early 2025.