Content Warnings

Cartoon violence
Use of firearms
Alcohol consumption

Project Introduction

Rootin' Tootin' Lootin' & Shootin' is a unique fusion of traditional turn-based roguelikes and twin-stick shooters.
As a lone wanderer in the desert you seek to uncover the lost city of gold.
On your treacherous journey you must pit your wits against cunning enemies to venture deeper into the caves.

The game features staples of the roguelike genre - permadeath, procedural generation and turn-based combat.
However, it also has aspects of shoot 'em ups - deadly bullet patterns and dodging.

Dodge any attack
With an an emphasis on positioning and dodging bullets, combat is unlike anything you'll find in other roguelikes.

Money, money, money
Kill enemies and rush to collect their coins to get the highest multiplier! - Then spend that money on new weapons and upgrades.

Play at your own pace
Anyone can play, thanks to simple turn-based controls that let you take your time, or speed through as fast as you like.

Pick up and play
Autosaving and short run lengths make it ideal to play at any time, anywhere.

About Developer

We are a family team based in England.
William loves maths, and designs, programs and does the graphics for the game.
John is a successful printmaker and makes music for the game.
Ruth helps playtest the game alongside John.