Project Introduction

Roombattle it's a local multiplayer party game (Maybe online in the future). It is composed with very short and dynamic games. But that's not all because we will have different themes with different interactions and different events in them. And also the player can equip different power-ups as for example making larger the weapon or for example also inflating the rival balloons. The player can also customize the vacuum cleaner as they want!
Roombattle also have more than battles, we have also different minigames.

In the main mode we have different battle rounds, and between some of them we can play different minigames. The player that wins, will receive a special advantage that it's called mystery skill. It's like a power up but more powerful.
Also, we will add options to play like as a team or all versus all. And we will design a new game mode for an only minigame experience.

About Developer

Dust Games is an exciting video game studio formed by a talented team of four young developers with a clear mission: to create fun games for the whole family. We are enthusiastic about the idea of offering gaming experiences that make players have an incredible time, laugh heartily, and, above all, disconnect from their daily routines with our games.

Dust Games was born with the intention of creating various video games during the studies at the university of the four founding partners. Once the final educational stage was reached, they saw an opportunity to present a prototype of the Roombattle video game, created at the university, to access the Level UP video game incubation program. Once selected, they continued with the development, giving it a commercial and strategic vision, and taking the first steps as an independent development studio.

During the development of this project, Dust Games has managed to access two new incubation programs. The first of these is the CreaMedia program, a public program of the Barcelona Activa entity of the Barcelona City Council. This program is aimed at the development of businesses in the cultural innovation field.

The second of these programs is GameBCN, a program that has economic and institutional support from the Barcelona City Council and the Government of Catalonia with international recognition. GameBCN is a program focused on supporting development in the video game industry, both in product and commercial aspects. Dust Games with its Roombattle video game project was one of the 6 teams selected from nearly 200 projects from over 40 countries.