Project Introduction

Roll Five is the dice game roguelike. Play creative dice figures, discover your favorite prisms, and win the final boss.

Endless Possibility

Assemble illegitimate dice figures using distinct Prisms to forge your build. Gather sufficient score to outmaneuver necessary target, while revealing concealed extra dices and prisms sets during your advancement. You must utilize every advantage accessible to overcome the boss score, and achieve success.

Enhance your Prisms

Your first and last dice game roguelike.
Endless possibility : every choices matter, for dice, prisms, or consumable, it matter for each fight.

Forge your deck dices

Make gold for purchases runes and use it for modify your dices. Compose prisms for the highter point and mult scoring with your biggest figure, and deafeat the final boss of each level for reach the next tree.

The biggest figure : Fortuna

- 100 prisms
- 25 runes
- 20 relics

Medieval Fantasy ambiance

Travel with tranquil music in a medieval fanstasy pixel art ambiance.

About Developer

We are 2 developpers from France creating games and try to make them commercially available. We really loved Ballatro and want to make a similar game but with some tweet :
- No gambling reference.
- Play with dice, heavily inspired by Yathzeee
- Add choice for your progression like the tree in Slay The Spire
- Adding story
- No boss effect that hard counter the player