Project Introduction

The Jungle-Dungeon:
Each Dungeon consists of procedurally generated Room-to-Room (hades-like) fights. There are Enemy-Rooms, Minibosses, a Shop and a zeldalike Endboss in the Dungeons.

You collect & manage a Deck of 7 weapon-cards to defeat your enemies. Each Character has his own unique starter weapon and you collect 6 more weapons in the Dungeon. You can also merge any of your weapons to create new and better ones. There are over 200 weapons in total to explore.

After each Run, you can Buy and Open a Card Boosterpack with the Ressources you found in the Dungeon. These Boosterpacks unlock new weapons, Items and Characters. When you find a new Character, you have to place his Building into your Village. Run after Run, your village will get bigger!

About Developer

My name is Mateo and Im an 21 years old solodev from Germany. I started to learn gamedevelopment and programming in 2020 from completely 0. After 2 years of daily development, passion and love, I released my first Indiegame "Makis Adventure" on Steam. The game won 25.000 Euros at the German Videogame Awards, got mentioned in a "Wonderful Games in 2023" Article from Forbes. The game scored a 9/10 by press and Steam Users and a 5/5 rating for the mobile version. I also exhibited the game at 8 major events such as Gamescom. Im pretty happy how my first Game turned out and I have been developing my second game "Rogue Jungle" over the last 8 months. Right now Im studying informatics and Im also working as a Gamedev Teacher at the university.