Rogue Command

Content Warnings

the explosions might be problematic for people with epileptic seizures.
There are some enemies that are arachnoid and insectoid in appearance, still all cute robots.

Project Introduction

Rogue Command is a roguelike RTS.
It plays like a classic RTS with base building, resource gathering and direct unit control. But it is also a roguelike where each run is different and the challenge is not only in the control on the battlefield but in choosing the right units, upgrades and hacks to shape a build that can overcome the challenges ahead.
It is very inspired by C&C Generals and StarCraft on the RTS side as well as Monster Train and Slay the Spire on the roguelike side.
It's a sci-fi game with banging explosions and blocky robots that fight over control of the procedurally generated levels. You control the fate of the Engineers, an unfortunate class of robots that are the last hope of stopping the planet devouring Planetary Core Extraction corporation (PCX).
Rogue Command is close to the finish line and will be released this year.

About Developer

Martin and Mario were two nerds in the business of making mobile games a market they were more and more fed up with being part of. After working together almost 10 years, they decided to plunge in and take the risk to develop something else. Something completely their own. They often talked about their love for the classic RTS games and shared a healthy obsession with Slay the Spire at the time, so the idea to make a roguelike RTS was born. A game that would feel like the RTS they love and give you the thrill of a brutal roguelike.
The idea was very ambitious especially for a first ever game of anywhere near that scope. Hard lessons had to be learned, pandemics had to be endured, children were born and loved ones got sick. At points it seemed very hard to imagine the game would ever get done or would shape up to be even close to how amazing it could be.
After 5 tumultuous years that game - Rogue Command - is almost done and ready to lay waste to the idea that RTS is a dead genre. It’s been completely built and distributed by the dev duo and has gotten amazing feedback from former StarCraft pros and people new to the genre alike.