Project Introduction

Shape the terrain, gather resources, build a base, and expand to Mars
Enjoy a base-building sandbox strategy where you can turn on the enemies and spice things up with survival and tower defense mechanics.
In the optional Martian game mode, the Martians kidnap the last cow on Earth and you want it back.

Either way, you build automated factories, produce materials and fuel for the spaceship, and fly off to terraform the Moon and Mars.
The space gameplay is currently in development.

In this single-player automation game, you gather and manage resources, construct, automate and expand. A crew of mutants and their golem helpers will do all the manual work for you.

You'll shape the terrain to make paths for your crew and a place for your base.
Each map presents a challenge to plan efficient mining, harvesting, and production.

You'll also work extensively with water, which represents a source of energy, a necessary resource for production and growth, and also an effective weapon against aggressive Martian flora.

You go through technological ages from simple wood to chemical, atomic, and space.
You'll build a spaceship and expand your base to orbit, the Moon, and finally - Mars.

About Developer

Mystiqular Game Studio was established by Pavel Jiří Strnad in 2022 after releasing
his RPG game the Last Oricru.
He describes Mystiqular as a small Czech studio.
It now contains 6 developers because the intention from the beginning was to build
an indie studio where no more than 10 people would work.
Studio focuses on relaxing but also challenging games for sophisticated players with
passion for automation, resource management and production control.