Content Warnings

The game is funny, yes, but it is also a horror game, so there are some gory, bloody scenes, and dry, dark humor involved.

Project Introduction

RetroSpace is a love letter to the immersive games of yesteryear, with a modern sensibility and some unique, genre-bending twists.

You were but a simple janitor, now you are the last hope of all humanity! A space station has been swallowed by a sentient black hole, weird animal and plant hybrids roam the corridors, and even time itself has gone completely mad around you. Navigate with stealth or unleash a blast-tastic odyssey through the cursed station. Will you be the hero Earth needs, or are you groovin' to save your own soul? The choice is yours!

The enemies on the station of Aurora 5 are completely different from each other, so you've gotta channel your inner mad scientist to outsmart 'em. Survival ain't just luck; it's about cracking the code on their behavior, special abilities, and weaknesses. You will also have to deal with a variety of environmental factors. Security systems - for example - can be extremely deadly unless you find a way and turn them into traps or even unlikely allies...

Don't like conflicts? Would you rather hide in the dark or find a way around your enemy? Or are you the kind who goes completely mental and attacks your opponent with its own flaming body part? The choice is yours, janitor! RetroSpace allows you to solve situations in many different ways. Total avoidance is as legit as a diversion, trap setting, or full-on "balls-to-the-wall" action.

About Developer

The Wild Gentlemen are a 23-strong team of professional veterans and talented newcomers whose first game - Chicken Police - Paint it RED! - was a huge critical success. The team creates in a variety of genres and moods, working on several projects in parallel (4 of the team working on RetroSpace at the moment), but their priority is always to produce games of artistic merit and the highest possible quality.