Content Warnings


Project Introduction

Retro Drive: Revamped is an 80’s-style racer with an exceptional soundtrack and story driven gameplay that keeps you coming back for more. Every race earns you stars that determine your progress throughout the story. Whether it's racing against the clock or evading the police, your skills will be put to the test.

Iconic artists have been brought together to provide the perfect synthwave soundtrack for our universe. Sit back and immerse yourself in the retro-futuristic nostalgia as you progress through the game.
Artist include:
New Arcades
Neon Nox
Fantom ‘87
Michael Oakley
Sunglasses Kid
and many more
The world is brought to life with vibrant neon colour schemes and futuristic cityscapes that reinforce the overall retro 80s aesthetic.Drive into the sunset as you progress through the game.

Challenging Gameplay:
Be sure to avoid the many obstacles and maximise your car’s speed boost as you race to the finish line. Enjoy our handcrafted levels that have been intentionally designed to challenge your driving skills as you progress through each one. Push yourself to reach the fastest time.

About Developer

We're a UK-based studio that lives and breathes synthwave, retrowave, and outrun vibes. The 1980s hold a special place in our hearts, filling us with nostalgia and an unrelenting love for all things synth. Our creative force is a wild one, driving us forward with sheer passion and energy. From our humble beginnings as a duo, we've grown into a small but mighty team, ready to take on the world.

Inspired by the wondrous beaches of the Mediterranean, we’ve hand crafted levels as a homage to some of the most beautiful places in the world. We are sure players will familiarize themselves with some of the very well know locations perhaps visited by many of the islands and beachside cities that exist within the Mediterranean, in Europe.