Project Introduction

A meteorite crashed on the planet, bringing with it an alien "Ooze" that infects both biological life-forms and mechanical/computer controller objects with it's sole purpose of surviving.

You control a team (non-player-controlled) specialists and head out into the city to try and stop the Ooze from spreading and fighting the various mutations it generates in criminals and gang members through out the city.

Various missions await the player, from taking down enemies to intelligence collection and hostage rescue. Lead your team through the streets, sewers and roof tops into banks, hospitals, apartments and many other area's.

Combining procedural generation and designed level layouts to bring you a fresh and exciting new challenge on every play through.

Unlock new weapons and gear to improve your chances of Regulating the City!

About Developer

Orangepixel is a one-man company started on mobile games in 2004 (pre-smartphone era), and releasing games on various platforms ever since - celebrating a 20 year anniversary as a full time indie game developer, a unique milestone!

Being a solo-developer, and handling everything from game-design to code and pixel-art, all the Orangepixel games contain a unique style and feeling based heavily on the developer behind each and every game (Orangepascal).