Project Introduction

Cooperative first-person PvE shooter hunting simulator with elements of survival horror in a dark slavic fantasy world. It puts the players in the role of a hunter of mythological slavic monsters and beasts of legend across a vast dense forest landscape and its surroundings.
In order to excel in the hunt, players will need to use a wide range of hunting arsenal while looking for clues to figure out exactly what they are up against.

Game Pillars:
1) Cooperative interactions — players will be able to take part in joint forays into a frightening world to exterminate nightmarish monsters and share trophies.
2) Guiding Moral: “Preparation is Key” — the outcome of any battle and any sortie of the players will depend on how well they prepared for the fight.
3) Horror — immersion is achieved by the lack of complete control over the mental state of the ward Hunter, as well as regular interaction with supernatural anomalies.
4) Unique environment — you will be able to hunt monsters in slavic Eastern Europe at the end of the 19th century.

About Developer

MiroWin is a developer of PC/VR/console games and non-gaming applications on Unreal Engine, outsourcing studio.

The studio was founded in 2017 in Kyiv. At the moment we have developed and released 5 own VR, console and PC game projects, which are highly rated in stores and game contests. Among them are: “Guns’n’Stories: Bulletproof VR”, “Boiling Steel”, etc.

We have been working on the outsourcing services market for over 4 years and have proven ourselves among customers in the Northern America, Asia and Europe. Due to this we are actively expanding and strengthening the outsourcing services direction.

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