Project Introduction

Red Raging Wolf is a 2D platformer with metroidvania elements that is taking place in warped versions of fairy tale worlds. Playing as Red, you are trying to solve the mystery of the disappearance of your Grannie.

The gameplay will feel familiar to fans of 2D platformers with combat or the metroidvania genre. The key pillars of the game are combat and narrative. The player will have a chance to defeat numerous foes and then break the juicy action with light platforming and engaging story presented through visual novel style dialogue. To build upon all this there are several systems with rage system being the most crucial as it allows the player to engage with interesting decisions in combat, trying to balance their rage meter and health. When Red gets filled to the brim with rage, it ultimately results in an uncontrollable transformation into a wolf, unleashing a powerful attack, which lets the player feel like the Big Bad Wolf of this story. But you must not let the rage consume you, as the damage over time adds up.

Then there are several unique selling points of the game. Primarily we want to distinguish our project with the familiar yet bewitched and twisted setting of fairy tale worlds. Our game will present characters we all know and love like Rumpelstiltskin, Snow White or Cheshire Cat in a new way with unique anime like artstyle and interesting narrative that flips the usual characters and their stories. First victim of such treatment is Red Riding Hood, our playable character. She is now an absolute menace, which takes us to our lase selling point, the combat and feel. The player can get lost in the mayhem, feeling powerful and just enjoying their time, which is supported by the audiovisual design of the game.

About Developer

Lightswitches is a group of 4 people that joined an online boot camp called Gamedev Camp. We were paired together at the beginning of 2024 and from there our journey to making a game began. It took a little bit over 3 months and recently we finished a prototype and put it up on

The team consists of:
Roisin O'Neill - Main 2D artist, concept artist, UI artist, script writer and voice acting director
Veronika Jakutaviciute - 2D animator, background and environment artist, concept artist and logos designer
Paweł Jarosz - Game developer, programmer, creator of the trailer
Michał Paszek - Game designer, additional programmer

We want to create a game that we ourselves would enjoy playing, and to do that we joined Gamedev Camp, where we were cooperating with mentors from various european game companies during our development process. We also have fairly close connection to Defold community, as we are among the first games making use of Rive and Defold integration.