Content Warnings

You can have too much fun and laughs at our quirky characters <3

Project Introduction

Rebots is a first-person management adventure game where you play as a new hire at the Rebots Corporation which specializes in terraforming asteroids to fit the needs of different alien species. You’ve been sent to a new exciting frontier known by the locals simply as “The Asteroid Field”. But due to cost cutting, your star cruiser had a rough landing and crashed into the local Spaceport. The inhabitants are a bit peeved at you, but it’s hard to tell how much is genuine frustration and what's them trying to wring glibs out of you. Either way, you’re here now and it’s time to start your new job!

The automation in Rebots, compared to other games in the genre, is intended to be charmingly messy. Many other games take place on a grid based system with knowledge of the location and quantity of resources. Because the Rebots can exist almost anywhere on the map and the number of resources is never guaranteed, the player needs to set up and constantly reconfigure their chain of automation.

The adventure in Rebots is invited by the world building and host of characters the player can interact with. The player is a necessary agent in the lives of the characters living in this world. They are transforming barren rocks into homes and solving problems for the inhabitants. There is much to discover and experiment with in the game.

About Developer

Our mission is to make games that engage the players, and leverage technology and creativity to produce new and unique gameplay that have broad appeal. Our mission also has a more serious nature where we want to promote learning, socializing and creativity amongst players of all ages and dispositions.

FlatPonies is the lighthearted, cheerful and humorous label.
VRUnicorns is the more quirky & weird outlet with the additional focus on VR.

Developing games should be fun. Hence, our process is founded on game jamming, prototyping, and collaboration. All employees, collaborators and other affiliates should do what they love. We believe passion, creativity, immersion and being empowered and engaged is the key to harnessing our full potential.