Content Warnings

Strong language
Pixel-art stabbed rats

Project Introduction

In a series of single-room puzzles, intermezzos, and promotion "favors", both your intellect and your morality will be tested. As a typical corporate rat, you will take advantage of your coworkers, manipulate them with coffee and gossip, stab them in their back, steal their work and present it as your own, and lose all your remaining dignity to get to job you want. You will even attend one of those endless meetings and climb the corporate ladder by sucking up to your boss. Just like in any corporation, you’ll have to endure a lot.

A friend of mine said it's a real-life test. If you work in a corporation and nothing the game does feels familiar to you, it means that you work for a good and healthy corporation. For the record, we don't hold any grudge against our former employers. The theme just fitted perfectly for our gameplay mechanics.

About Developer

We are a small family dev team. The core is me and my middle brother. We both worked in Warhorse Studios on "Kingdom Come: Deliverance". He works as a cameraman and director. Our oldest brother works in IT while my wife is a graphic designer so they help a lot. My day job is creating personalized video games ( I've created around 100 games so far. It's fun! We've always had a passion for games since we were kids so this is a dream come true.