Project Introduction

Enough of wasting precious time by walking eternal distances and engaging in endless dialogue? Want to get to the fun part quickly? Say no more! RAIDBORN should be right up your alley.

RAIDBORN is a straightforward first-person fantasy action RPG featuring procedurally generated dungeons and quests. Plunder a treasure-strewn world, upgrade your gear, level up your skills, and hurl yourself into intense combat.

RAIDBORN offers:
🗹 Straightforward game flow
🗹 Focus on dungeon crawling
🗹 Procedural dungeons and quests
🗹 Physics-driven melee and ranged combat
🗹 Extensive skill tree
🗹 High replay value
🗹 15 - 20 hours of gameplay

🗷 No overpriced microtransactions
🗷 No pointless open world
🗷 No overly complex storyline
🗷 No half-baked multiplayer
🗷 No bad jokes (just kidding)


Satisfy your thirst for adventure and immerse yourself in a detailed and atmospheric fantasy world, where each playthrough provides you with new dynamically generated dungeons and quests to explore.

🗹 Highly-detailed levels that tell a story
🗹 Interesting quests and bizarre characters
🗹 Epic fantasy score
🗹 Voice acting in key dialogues


Hurl yourself into intense combat, experiment with a variety of exciting combat techniques, and choose from a diverse arsenal of melee and ranged weapons to crush the hordes of evil.

🗹 Fight six different species
🗹 Enemy classes with distinct fighting styles
🗹 Active ragdolls for great weapon feedback
🗹 Kick enemies into traps and abysses


Build your character with a variety of exciting skills. Choose your destiny and become an agile swordmaster, ferocious barbarian, armored knight, cunning rogue, or anything in between.

🗹 Open skill system for maximum freedom
🗹 Extensive crafting system
🗹 Hundreds of unique items to equip
🗹 Find and use legendary artifacts

About Developer

Phodex Games is a one-man game development studio from Germany. With an insatiable hunger for creating immersive fantasy worlds, founder Markus Failer embarked on a journey to bring his own visions to life. Guided by a commitment to minimalistic design and attention to detail, their games transport players into enchanting adventures. With the growing success of RAIDBORN the path is set to forge new frontiers in the realm of interactive entertainment.