Content Warnings

No content warnings : this game is for all public.

Project Introduction

Get ready for adrenaline-pumping gameplay in this competitive and cooperative experience that fits into one-minute rounds. Compete with up to four players online or locally, moving and firing Qi-Bullets to spread your Color-Qi to the greatest number of Qi-Cells. Join the Quadricolor Rangers and climb the ranks of the online championship to become an Ultra Sentai Color Ranger!

Main features
-Masterize Color Rangers jump and dash abilities to outrun your rivals.
-Sharpen your Qi-Bullet shooting accuracy and Qi-Shield dexterity to dominate the arena.
-Get the right power-ups to get an edge on your opponents. Cause explosions, freeze your opponents, and much more. But watch out for counter-attacks!
-Enjoy 36 varied battle arenas featured with bumpers, teleporters, hazards and other delights!
-Watch replays and stats to learn and brag. Share your best moments. See where you rank on the leaderboards and compete for the top spot. Become the next Ultra Sentai Color Ranger!

Game Modes
-Sentai School - Learn the ropes of color rangers through a series of short challenges.
-Story Mode - An action-packed adventure awaits! Defeat Greyus and his lieutenants, who threaten the chromatic balance on Earth. Enjoy it solo or with a friend in local co-operative play for the entire story.
-Chromatic Battle - Battle up to 4 players or Bots. Team up and change battle options to vary the fun!
-Online Play - Play for fun with everyone or invite friends to casual matches. Play free-for-all or team battle.
-Online Championship - Up for the ultimate online championship? Challenge players from all over the world! Play Ranked Online matches to increase your Color-Qi level and become one of the Ultra Color Ranger grade players.
-Time Trial - Take on the clock, beat your friends, and become the fastest in the world. Analyze replays of your rivals to fine-tune your technique. Play with your friends in teams of 2 to 4 players.

About Developer

We are a team of five people working on Quadricolor on our free time. We are all friends and we all live in France.