Project Introduction

Pyrene is based on Basque mythology, a never-before seen pantheon in video games. Balanced between ease of play and strategy, Pyrene presents deep deck-building elements that intertwine with its dungeon-crawling gameplay to force you to think before making any move. Play as a diverse cast of characters from your village, each one possessing unique skills, mechanics and magic. Tailor your deck to you hero to make the most of each run! With a wide range of objects, biomes, relics, talismans & spells, no two runs are the same and you will be able to develop ingenuous strategies to navigate the game’s story and endless modes YOUR way.

About Developer

Two Tiny Dice comes from (then) french solo developer Christophe Coyard. Christophe had worked on a game called "Forward" during a gamejam in the past and had posted it on for fun. To his surprise, the game gathered quite a lot of positive feedback and a community rallied behind him to see him complete the game and release it to the masses. Taking that valuable feedback to heart, he released "Forward: Escape the Fold" on Steam and Mobile. It was an immediate indie success.

Now with the help of his new colleagues Jeanne (Art) and Marion (Narrative), Two Tiny Dice is developing "Pyrene" - a roguelike dungeon-crawler with deckbuilding mechanics that introduces Basque mythology to the world.