Content Warnings

Object textures are drawn by real blood.

Project Introduction

Purgater is a 3D roguelike morbid turn-based strategy game with board and card game elements. It takes place in Purgatory, whose environment is created from biological materials such as blood.

Sinful Cards are the only entertainment for the inhabitants in the seemingly procedurally generated floors. The worst sinners survive in obscurity, and one of them decides to put an end to his bitter fate.

Searching for familiar earthly associations, he deciphers the unknown language of the world. By absorbing the sins of others, he gains mutating power and thus becomes stronger and more dangerous. Therefore, he does not escape the constant attention of the Jailer, the Warden of Purgatory himself.

This is a new experience for me. Instead of using Clickteam Fusion 2.5 for The Gray Man just once again, I've decided to try Unity.

About Developer

I'm an independent developer of digital games and experiments who has successfully released three games on Steam. The Gray Man has been nominated multiple times for best visual style of game. I'm dedicated to the entire development process, in addition to drawing digital illustrations and painting with reak blood as a hobby. I'm currently working on a game called Purgater, a morbid roguelike synthesis of card and board game.