Project Introduction

The story frames each level, beginning with a blurry photograph in the photo album, with the silhouette of a missing object somewhere in the photo. You, the player, then solve the puzzle to create the missing object in the photo. This completes the photograph, which then clears up to be completely visible and is added back into the book. Depending on how well the silhouette matches, the level gets graded with one to three hearts. Moreover, the narrative is conveyed through cosmetic additions to the photo album such as glued-in trinkets and written texts.

The story of Projected Dreams is about a little girl, named Senka and her mother. The two of them used to have a bed-time tradition: together, they tell stories and animate them as shadow figures in Senka’s room. After moving houses for a job opportunity, Senka is left to tell stories by herself and finds her mother’s old photo album. As Senka starts to flip through the pages and uncovers key figures in her mother’s past, a narrative starts to form between the pages of the photo album and in Senka’s imaginative mind. «Projected Dreams» is a story about family relationships both broken and mended, and the comforting, transformative power of storytelling.

About Developer

The team consists of 5 people, out of which 4 studied game design at ZHdK in Switzerland together and later found their specialty in programming, technical art, 3D art, 2D art, and marketing. Several prototypes and finished games such as «THAR: Secrets Underneath the Sand» have been published by individual team members in the past. In the case of «THAR», it has been released on the Meta Store for the Quest 2. Our 5th team member studied music and sound design and helps us in that area. We have been developing Projected Dreams for about two years now (part-time) and are committed to working on more games in the future once Projected Dreams is released. With the possibility of seeking a publisher for the next game. Whenever possible, we would hire additional support in areas we do not have experience in, such as narrative design for Projected Dreams. The team is well-connected to the Swiss games industry and is looking to build further connections by attending international events.