Content Warnings

- Spiders

Project Introduction

A Hardcore Fantasy Extraction with a top-down experience.

In Project F4E, you can team up with your friend or a stranger and use magical Portals to explore dangerous fantasy environments and gather epic loot to become stronger.
However, you're not alone. There are other teams that all have their own goals.

You can choose to avoid them and focus on getting loot from monsters or hunt them to get their gear. If you die, you lose all your equipped gear! The unpredictability of each session offers great replayability and makes it easy for friends to have continuous play sessions together. You can also team up with strangers in the game and ignite brand-new friendships.

Pure Skill with MOBA controls
In Project F4E, every monster attack can be avoided! It’s YOUR skills and strategy that increase your chances of survival. Dance between the monsters’ attacks and punish the other players who failed to do so. Use your abilities to disrupt, stun, slow, or kill your enemies. But be careful not to be ambushed right after using your ultimate ability!

Choose your class & party up!
Team up with a friend or a stranger and create a synergistic party to increase your chances of survival. There are currently 5 characters you can play:
- The Frost Barbarian, a tank that focuses on crowd control
- The Wyrdseeker, a bruiser with high damage and sustainability but low mobility
- A dragonkin lightning mage, a high burst and mobility character but with low resistance
- The Druid, a support who can place deadly plants, shield allies, and root enemies
- And finally, the Ranger who can snipe people from afar

You can also choose to go solo and gather loot by yourself.

A top-down approach to the genre
Project F4E’s goal is to deliver an immersive, tense, top-down experience. Play with sound and vision to clear your path or ambush your opponents. Pay attention to your surroundings and learn what could be the biggest threats in your situation. Move through the area with caution, or you might get killed.

Escape through the portals!
Portals are recent and unstable magic. Getting in is simple enough, but getting out after completing your objectives is trickier. A portal can appear and disappear at any given time and automatically close after someone uses it. Find one to escape with your loot before the magic becomes too unstable!

About Developer

It all started in Copenhagen with a small group squatting in a university classroom for 7 months, getting discovered, and moving in together for three years. Through a Kickstarter, a private bank loan, and perseverance, we released FORCED, selling 500,000+ copies and since reaching millions of players with Minion Masters. We documented our story on Imgur: