Project Introduction

Primal Fray is a turn-based strategy roguelite. Combat takes place on a procedurally generated hex based flying islands. You will use your units to outmaneuver and kill enemy troops.

After each combat you will get a different reward, making you choose next primal to join your team. This means that you will be making your team on the fly, having to improvise and work with what RNG gives you.

Every unit has 4 different abilities in it’s arsenal with varying degree of strength and utility. The abilities either cost or produce mana, forcing you to manage this resource.
Primals may use those abilities to deal damage, shield allies, walk, fly, teleport, generate or exchange mana and even manipulate the battleground itself by creating or destroying hexes.

You will make difficult choices, deciding between adding a new primal to a roster, getting an enchantment, a team heal, currency or visiting a merchant. There is a limited amount of options so the smarter you are and the better you plan, the more you will be able to squeeze out of the choices given to you.

About Developer

A young solo indie dev. Passionate about sharing his love for strategy games. Currently working on Primal Fray, trying to make his child fantasy of playing Heroes of Might and Magic with Pokemons a reality.