Content Warnings

Cartoon violence

Project Introduction

It has been 1000 years since the War of the Goddesses - Ravenna is dead, and the Pyli Kingdom has become prosperous once again. Or so it seems. As a novice at the prestigious Porble Academy, life takes an unexpected twist when you arrive late in Valeria, the capital.

Assigned trivial tasks by an unassuming assistant, little do you know that this journey will take you into something more sinister. Mysterious organizations, corrupted Porbles, and an ancient adversary await. Across Pyli Kingdom's diverse realms, you'll uncover a darker history than legends tell.

Get ready for an epic adventure. Each step peels away deeper mysteries, each revelation inches you closer to the truth. The burning question: will you survive the lurking secrets?

Collect & Fuse
Collect unique creatures and gather ingredients to fuse and enhance your team. Discover hundreds of combinations, which can augment your creatures, teach them new skills and even change their appearances.

Turn-based Strategic Battles
Master strategic battles with unique passives that trigger based on your team composition. Manage your creatures’ momentum as you unleash their skills to victory.

Explore a Beautiful Kingdom
Journey through beautiful pixelated worlds, navigating perils, solving quests and meeting with countless quirky characters. A captivating story, tons of side content and a charming soundtrack await you on your adventures.

Solve Perilous Puzzles
Prove your mettle by tackling traps, puzzles and obstacles. The Wilderness is a dangerous place, as you jump and maneuver across moving platforms, voids, spikes, saws, turrets, teleporters and more.

Play With Friends
Never journey alone as you can meet, chat and hang out with other players as you run through your adventures. Portal Fantasy is multiplayer and you’ll be able to see players around you as soon as you start your journey.

Customise your Character
Fully customize your character’s appearance and fit them with an ever-expanding wardrobe of cute, quirky and fun outfits.

About Developer

We are a small studio who is very passionate about our game and our team. We value great gameplay, community, work-life balance, and diversity. We are also fully remote with devs all over, but mostly throughout Europe. We all work together to make the best game we can, and we are very proud of what we have accomplished so far.