Project Introduction

"Heavy fog envelops our ship as we navigate these unhallowed waters in search of the island. The captain’s quarters continue to reverberate with unsettling laughter and faint incantations, hinting at a mind adrift, eroding what little morale remains among the crew."

Where pool meets horror
Immerse yourself in the eldritch depths of Pool of Madness, a Lovecraftian-themed pool game where the boundaries between reality and nightmare blur - perform rituals to appease the ancient beings from beyond and try to unveil the secret of the missing ship crew as your mind disintegrates.

In other words - relax, sink some balls and succumb to madness!

Some of the full-game features:
- enjoy a completely mad, roguelite take on the game of pool/billiards
- build a personalised, eldritch cue from procedurally-generated parts collected along the way
- experience an ever-mutating gameplay thanks to dynamically-generated items and locations
- test your sanity on different tables
- unlock new powerups, balls and cue parts
- discover the story of the ship’s crew
- watch your sanity slip away as the pool balls start to explode, fish heads pop out of the holes, blood fills the table and strange whispers fill your ears

15% of revenue will be donated to charity organisations (chosen with our community on Discord).

About Developer

We’re Bit Golem - a small development studio from Poland, passionate about narrative games and experimenting with the medium. After years of working mainly for publishers, we’ve decided to concentrate on our own gamedev endeavours which, despite belonging to different genres, will have a strong common thread - the focus on story.