Content Warnings

No content warning. This is a fun and kooky cooperative game.

Project Introduction

Coordinate your efforts by completing contextual events.

Avoid logs and wildlife, forage for fruit, close doors to prevent the loss of luggage, and pump up deflated tires.

The vehicle is constantly moving forward and players take turns swerving to avoid obstacles.

Camping supplies are on the roof rack and in the car. Depending on a number of factors, they can slide and fall off/out:
- Speed
- Elevation
- Running over obstacles
- Hitting Wildlife
- Low tire pressure (lopsided)
- Angle

Try to get to the campground with as much of your equipment as you can!

About Developer

Gamma Minus is a small international remote development team with members from Germany, Portugal, France, Algeria, USA and the UK. All of our team members (save our composer) are based in Europe.