Project Introduction

In Planet Pioneers you are in charge to prepare planets for human colonization. Gain points by placing hexagonal tiles in strategic locations and fulfilling various requests of the upcoming settlers. If you reach enough points, the earthlings allow you to order more tile packages for your planetary mission. When the settlers are satisfied, you complete the planet and can move to the next one to continue your path to the highest score. Each planet starts relatively easy but the necessary score for new packages increases more and more. At some point it's game over and a highscore is shown.

It is up to you if you want to preserve the pristine landscape of the planet or want to bury it below your new towns and factories.

About Developer

I am a solo game developer who only worked on unreleased prototypes so far. This game is a hobby project which I develop in my free time. My main goal is to go through the whole game release cycle once and maybe forge some connections to the games scene along the way.