Project Introduction

Pixel Art Academy is an educational game for learning how to draw. In Learn Mode, you level up your art skills and theory with interactive tutorials, test your knowledge in the bigger challenges, and unleash your creativity on projects where you make art for video games. It's a very rewarding experience to see your art come alive and the tutorials make sure anyone can do it without previous training.

About Developer

I come from Slovenia where there were no schools for what I was passionate about—video game development. When I got to the university, I chose the closest thing, Computer Science. I considered applying to the Art Academy as well, but the program was very selective and only focused on traditional art. I had much more experience in programming and computer graphics, so I went down the engineering path instead, only studying how to draw as a hobby. After working on a couple of mobile games, I realized my heart lies in learning art. I went back to school to get a second degree in Education and started Pixel Art Academy to allow everyone to experience going to art school, in a video game.