Project Introduction

Pieced Together is a cozy scrapbooking puzzle game that tells a heartwarming story about friendship, getting older and letting go.

Sort through personal mementos, cutting, sticking and puzzling items together to create a beautiful scrapbook. Discover the story page by page, following the years of ups and downs between protagonist Connie and her lifelong friend Beth.

About Developer

Glowfrog Games is British, women-led team, founded by two award-winning industry veterans who first met through Reddit. We started jamming together and came up with an idea inspired by the creative lead’s real-life scrapbooking hobby, which she took up to help with anxiety during the pandemic.

Just over a year after meeting, we’ve taken part in the Wings ELEVATE programme, built a polished demo, showcased at major events, won awards including Best Puzzle Game and Best Storytelling - and finally met in person at GDC 2024!

Now, we’re working hard on our mission to be a people-first studio making heartfelt games for a diverse audience