Project Introduction

Penguin Bash-Guin is a video game where you waddle and slide against other players to be the last penguin standing on the iceberg.

Play up to four players to knock them out with simple-to-understand controls to create a diverse party experience.

Don't get cold feet!
Be the pengwin of the game!

About Developer

SquidMaker is a rising game studio that will be focusing on new multiplayer experiences in a range of formats.

SquidMaker Milestones So Far:
- Games Innovation Challenge 2021
NSE hosted a game competition with the theme of ‘Competitive Games’.
Our previous game, Found Guys, got third place, which helped further the game development after the challenge.

- Tranzfuser 2021
This campaign is a graduate video game development competition. When working on Found Guys, we were accepted to the programme, which funded us for three months of development.

About the developer:
Luca, Games Director
I have been making games in Unity for five years and aim to make SquidMaker a full-time studio in the future.