Project Introduction

Welcome to the world of Paris Transylvania - A turn-based vampire-slaying Pachinko Roguelike deckbuilder! Collect a powerful deck of cards, strategize, aim, and pop pegs to power up and deal massive damage with relic synergies. Explore and conquer Transylvania, defeat the vampires and free the people!

Play as one of the accidental heroes: Marie Antoinette, the cake-loving last queen of France, who narrowly escapes the guillotine in Paris and unexpectedly finds herself in Transylvania; Jiro, the mysterious ninja with a shadowy past; or Froggy, who makes a daring escape from a fancy restaurant plate. Each hero possesses different skills and is dealt their own unique starter deck. Here, you must battle the mighty vampire clans and the hordes of evil that rule this world.

Dynamic Deck Building: Create a unique deck by choosing cards wisely. Discover hundreds of cards to defeat wicked creatures and regain power.
Pachinko-style Gameplay: Strategically hit pegs to power up your cards.
Powerful Relics: Uncover game-changing relics throughout the world to enhance your deck.
Ever-Changing Transylvania: Maps change with each journey. Choose paths, face different enemies, encounter random events, and confront various bosses.

Play cards in any order and choose your path without RNG. The boss fights will keep you on your toes, with extravagant creeps and heart-pounding retro minigames adding to the excitement.

About Developer

Magneticlake is a Swedish dev duo creating Paris Transylvania. Our small team consists of gamedev veteran Ola Persson and narrative designer Charlotta Bendz. With a passion for creating exceptional games that are fun to play, our mission is to cater to players who appreciate niche genres, well-crafted gameplay and compelling narratives.