Content Warnings

Pale Coins contains strong language and blood.

Project Introduction

Pale Coins features challenging gameplay and unique boss fights, tons of rare loot to find, dungeons to conquer, quests to complete, and stories to uncover.

You were told by an astral being to find the Coin of the Champions which has the power to fulfil any wish. Starting with nothing but an old weapon you'll journey across forests, ruins, mountains, and caverns to find information about the artefact you are searching for.

While exploring beyond the safe borders of the capital and the villages you'll encounter a variety of monsters and epic bosses that will require skilled gameplay to combat their unique movesets and abilities.

In Pale Coins there is plently of loot and items to discover. Rare pieces of equipment allow you to cast special magic spells, utilize new movement abilities, summon minions, and much more.

Key Features
- Gorgeous handcrafted pixel-art
- Expansive world to explore filled with NPCs and dungeons
- Challenging combat and unique skills
- A variety of unique and difficult bosses to defeat
- Tons of equipment and items to discover
- Many branching storylines and quests to complete
- Old-school RPG with no handholding

About Developer

Hey there, I am Lukas.
Usually, I spend my free time playing RPGs, drawing or painting stuff and working on games. For more than three years I was (and still am) working on my dream game - Pale Coins.