Content Warnings

Gore, Violence

Project Introduction

PAIN-TO-WIN is a top-down action-shooter filled with maniacs, clowns, severed limbs, level destructions, ricochet shots, explosive weaponry, and the cutting flesh disc-saw, set in a dark and gritty new world.

- Explosive gunfights with destructible level environments create variability during combat, making it chaotic and turning the place into a total mess in the end.
- Ricocheting bullets and bouncing grenades allow you to eliminate enemies with blind shots from behind cover.
- Deranged citizens of Megablock, who can share their stories with you.
- Handcrafted variable maze levels filled with mobs of enemies, dangers, and secrets.
- Highly detailed dark and gritty art style crafted with soul, including depictions of violence and gore.

About Developer

A small team that's working to bring a gloomy and gritty action game to those who enjoy it.