Project Introduction

OxySpace is an innovative free-to-play MOBA that combines fast-paced combat with strategic base management. Players can customize their robots with a wide range of parts and abilities, creating unique playstyles and strategies. The game features a robust base management system, allowing players to oversee resources, upgrade buildings, and devise tactical plans to gain an edge in battles. Drawing inspiration from games like Brawl Stars, OxySpace offers a fresh take on the genre with its emphasis on customization and strategic depth, aiming to deliver an engaging and competitive experience for gamers worldwide.

About Developer

Our team is a dynamic, young group driven by a shared passion for the innovative concept behind OxySpace. Each of us brings a unique blend of creativity and organizational skills, ensuring we work harmoniously towards our common goal. Despite our youth, we are confident in our abilities and inspired by the potential of our project. Our synchronized approach and collective enthusiasm make us a cohesive and effective team, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what a MOBA can be. We chose to work together because we all believe in the transformative vision of OxySpace and the impact it can make in the gaming world.